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Project Details

Two Storey Homes 5 minutes off the 401W in London Ontario!!
Detached Two Storey Homes (1540 SF) with Double Car Garages Starting $414,900
Get a 2350 SF Home for as Low as $515K!
50K Deposit. Close in 6 Months. Longer closings can be negotiated with the builder upto 1 year.
Different Elevations available

Important Rules to Follow in the Purchase of Pre-construction Real Estate
  1. Make sure you have a strategy before you purchase the property i.e.
    • Buy and Sell to Create Cash. (Will I assign the property before closing or will I close and sell)
    • ¬†Buy and Hold to Create Wealth. (Will I live in the Property or will I rent out the property)
  2. It should be Freehold.
  3. Don't spend too much on upgrades.
  4. Understand the type of Properties that are in Demand in your Local Real Estate Market.
    • i.e. Condo, Town Houses, Semi Detached Homes, Bungalows, Detached Homes etc.
  5. Understand your rental market.
  6. Try to choose projects with low down payment structures
  7. Educate yourself on Government trends i.e.
    • Follow the Census. #followthecensus
    • Follow the transportation network. #followthetransportationnetwork
Secure Future Wealth at a Major Discount by taking advantage of Opportunities that the Mass Public Misses.
* Deposit may vary by builder. Some conditions apply


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